Treasury Blast Off!

Would you like to increase your views, comments and shares for the treasuries you curate?

Of course you do! 

TEMPT Team Captain and Leaders have devised a plan to help get your treasuries more exposure.  By pulling together as a team, we will be able to get our TEMPT Team treasuries closer to page one!

Here is the plan:


TEMPT Team is planning a Treasury Blast Off that will occur every Saturday.

Posting time will be between 6-10am Pacific Standard Time (PST).  Please use this helpful converter to find your own time zone.  We tried to pick a time that would allow the entire globe a chance to participate!

Mark this on your calendar!


Create a beautiful treasury that meets all of Etsy’s guidelines and TEMPT Team’s guidelines.

TEMPT Team’s Guidlines

  • Include at least 10 TEMPT Team members
  • Use all 18 tags, including “TEMPT Team” and “Treasury Blast Off” (HINT- check Today’s Trending Tags and include some of those!)

If you need help curating a treasury or would like some time-saving tips, please view the 12 Step- TEMPT Team- Treasury Curating Program.

Save it for the Treasury Blast Off!  


On Saturday, between 6-10am PST, post your treasury!

Look for the designated Treasury Blast Off thread which will be pinned at the top of TEMPT Team’s discussion forum.

REMINDER!  Don’t forget to send a message to everyone in your treasury and let them know they have been featured!  Add your social share links, such as pinterest and twitter so that your treasuries can be shared easily!


Share hearts, click items, make multiple comments, and promote on your own social media sites!  If you chose to share your TEMPT Team treasury in other Etsy team threads, be sure to follow their team charter and rules for posting treasuries.

Visit the treasuries in the Treasury Blast Off thread throughout the entire day and re-heart and make additional comments each time you visit.

BONUS! All the treasuries that have been posted in the Treasury Blast Off Thread will be shared on our TEMPT Team social media sites!


Visit Etsy’s Treasuries and search for your own treasury to find out where you have landed!

Lets make a game of this and see how close we can get to page one.  Follow progress reports that will be posted on Facebook!

Note:  If you look at the treasuries on page one, you will see they have thousands of views and comments.  This may seem intimidating, but if you click a few and look at the comments, you will most likely find a slew of comments by the same people.  By working as a team, these groups of people have been able to pull their treasuries to the top of the treasury list. 

We hope this will be a fun way for our team to work together. 

Encourage your teammates to participate and lets all hope for a good turnout!

Each week will only get better!

The Next Treasury Blast Off will be this Saturday!

April 11, 2015

6-10am PST

2 (3)



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